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[Infographic] What Mattered in 2011

What Mattered in Social Media in 2011

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A great summary of 2011, but unfortunately missing a few highlights and lowlights such as the QANTAS Twitter competition failure and the L’Oreal fake blog.

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Post Under Social Media January 24, 2012

A Social Media Strategy for Hotels

A Social Media Strategy for Hotels

The hotel industry, like much of the service industries, are very dependent on knowing just what the consumer wants, hopefully before the customer knows it themselves. With wafer thin margins, increasing competition and constantly rising costs hotels need every advantage they can get to win customers and keep them.

Here are three social media tips for improving your guest’s stay and getting them to spread the word about your excellent level of service.
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Post Under Advice, Social Media January 23, 2012

[Video] Le Voyage dans la Lune: A Musical Opportunity

Air, a French electronica band, have created a soundtrack for the newly restored 1902 French film, Le Voyage dans la Lune (Trip to the Moon). This in itself is great, but it is also an awesome demonstration of how musical artists can gain some additional cred.

By scoring a movie in the public domain or a piece of captured game machinima you can show your skills and versatility. This is true not just for those that wish to choose score composing as a career, but for any artist.

By uploading the scored film to the various video sites you can tap into the benefits of social media to market yourself as a popular commodity. Having a great demo tape is fine, but having a great demo tape, 10,000 Facebook fans and a video with a hundred thousand views is even better.

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[Video] The Fight Against SOPA & PIPA

If you’re wondering why you were redirected during your visit to this site today, then the video above covers some of the important facts about the SOPA and PIPA legislation. These bills are clear and present dangers to not just to social media and the internet, but to all enterprise. There are very few businesses that do not have some sort of net presence, whether that be a web page, a social network account or an email address. These have become intricate business tools, but they are now under threat. A simple mistake, a malicious competitor or organised crime could all hijack these tools from your business’ control with a simple accusation and with little or no recourse. It has already happened.

Educate yourself about this threat and please fight against it.

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[Video] Samsung’s Smart Window

Demonstrated at CES, here’s some awesome technology from Samsung. We’re already living in the future.

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Post Under Tech, Video January 14, 2012
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