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[Video] Skwerl – Short Film in Fake English

Have you ever wanted to know what English sounds like to a non-English speaker? It might sound something like this short film. Brian Fairbairn has directed a wonderful snapshot with a truly unique twist. Beautifully acted by, co-writer and editor, Karl Eccleston and Fiona Pepper.

Warning: It does contain some NSFW language.

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Post Under art, Video October 14, 2011

[Video] Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Sneak Peek

I have really enjoyed the Mass Effect series. I even liked the comic. However I’m a little wary of this multiplayer co-op feature. Mass Effect 1 & 2 provided me with the most immersive computer RPG experience outside of MMO*s. Unless Bioware can at least maintain that level they’re going to be slammed. I guess I’m skeptical because Mass Effect really doesn’t need multiplayer. It’s an RPG. It sounds and looks like the co-op is just going to be about blowing shit up rather than role-playing. If I wanted to just blow shit up I’d buy a FPS, which will undoubtedly do it better.

I’m also wary because Bioware is part of EA and since EA and Valve have had their little falling out it seems that the ME3 digital download will only be available through Origin. There are just too many bad customer experience stories about Origin.

While I’d love to be raving about ME3 there is just so much uncertainty surrounding this game. I hope my fears are soon put to rest because I’m really looking forward to a satisfying end to Commander Shepard’s story.

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Post Under Gaming, Video October 13, 2011

What Are Your Google+ Circles Saying About You?


Have you ever wanted to visualise your Google Plus relationships? Well now you can with the Circles of Trust.

Green means that you are mutually circled, yellow means that you have circled them but they didn’t and red means they circled you but you didn’t. It’s a fascinating use of the Google+ API and an intriguing way to see an overview of your social network.

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Post Under art, Social Media October 12, 2011

The Five Reasons Why Google Plus is Failing


There are reports that Google Plus may have lost as much as 60% of its active users. If true this would be a terrible blow to the company and especially Larry Page, who has been a big promoter of the network since he took over as CEO. Google have closed down divisions, like Google Labs, in order to focus upon the social network, but it seems that so far the effort has just not paid off for them.

So just where did Google Plus go wrong and what is Facebook doing to win back those users? Over the bump you’ll see my top five reasons why Google Plus is failing:

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Post Under Advice, Social Media October 11, 2011

Measuring Outcomes Not Outputs


Just imagine that you’re running a business and that instead of tracking sales & revenue you only measured how many units you shipped to your vendors. Samsung was recently ridiculed for announcing that they had shipped one million Galaxy Tabs but sold only twenty thousand. The shipped figure is meaningless unless it results in equivalent sales. However public relations companies do this every day for their clients by measuring only outputs not the outcomes.

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