[Video] Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Sneak Peek

I have really enjoyed the Mass Effect series. I even liked the comic. However I’m a little wary of this multiplayer co-op feature. Mass Effect 1 & 2 provided me with the most immersive computer RPG experience outside of MMO*s. Unless Bioware can at least maintain that level they’re going to be slammed. I guess I’m skeptical because Mass Effect really doesn’t need multiplayer. It’s an RPG. It sounds and looks like the co-op is just going to be about blowing shit up rather than role-playing. If I wanted to just blow shit up I’d buy a FPS, which will undoubtedly do it better.

I’m also wary because Bioware is part of EA and since EA and Valve have had their little falling out it seems that the ME3 digital download will only be available through Origin. There are just too many bad customer experience stories about Origin.

While I’d love to be raving about ME3 there is just so much uncertainty surrounding this game. I hope my fears are soon put to rest because I’m really looking forward to a satisfying end to Commander Shepard’s story.

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