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[Video] How to win a war with only a NERF Gun

Here’s a bit of fun and a not too bad example of some post-production sfx too. Enjoy.

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Post Under Gaming, Video June 8, 2011

[Video] Future Vision: Car HUD

Head-Up Displays (HUDs) for cars have been around at least since the 90s. I remember Bert Newton advertising the Nissan Bluebird which IIRC came with a HUD as standard. This video is a future vision from a company called Autoglass and it shows some of the features they feel will be implemented in car HUDs around the year 2020.

Unfortunately, I don’t actually like their implementation. While I’m sure I’ll be able to customise I just find that as a marketing point that it’s just not very good. I find that the display is cluttered and the identifiers are hard to see. They also look as though they would be easily overwhelmed – for instance passing a stray herd of road cyclists. I especially don’t like how the video ends: with the HUD being rendered inoperable. It makes it look fragile – which I hope they won’t be. What do you think? Have you seen a better implementation?

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Post Under Marketing, Video June 7, 2011
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