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[Video] Slingers – Getting home one heist at a time

I saw this trailer maybe 2 years ago. It looks great and I wanted there to be more, however I can’t find any additional information about it. I think the plan was for it to be a TV series, but it appears to be independently funded so I guess nothing has come of it so far. Pity .

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[Video] Real Life Super Mario Bros

Would you play Super Mario Bros using augmented reality if you could? This video is set in a park, but should you be allowed to play on the street or pathway? Or should it be an indoors only activity? What do you think should happen when you die?

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[Video] This is how you get out, Daddy

Mr 5 has been saying, This is how you get out, Daddy, over and over again for the past few weeks. Nobody could work out why he was saying it and when I’d ask him what he meant he’d just shrug and give me his You-are-an-idiot-dad smile. Eventually, my neurons clicked into gear and I worked it out.

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Tips to Improve Your Social Media Findability (Pt 2)


How many times have you literally heard of a web-site or social program that you thought, That’s Interesting! I’ll check that out later, but when you went to search for it you couldn’t find it? Sometimes it might be because you have mispelt the name or misheard the information, but most of the time it’s because the implementers of the program think you’re secretly Sherlock Holmes and will just naturally be able to track down the correct information.

In my previous article I talked about using links to reduce the barriers to entry and to guide consumers to other platforms. All of which is very basic and should be obvious, but you’d be surprised at how many times even these simple steps are overlooked. In this article I’ll be talking about something a little more advanced: how using the right URL for your program can make a world of difference in your findability.

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