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How to Destroy Your Groupon Goodwill


I am a big fan of Groupon. I’ve watched it keenly since I first heard about it more than a year ago but only in January 2011 did it become available in my location. I was eager to try it but it took a while to find a Groupon that appealed to me. In late January I found one: a custom made shirt. The price was low, the appeal was high. I pounced. And it all worked perfectly. The service was excellent. The product was delivered ahead of schedule and I was getting compliments from colleagues about how good it looked. I was telling my friends how great the tailor was. It was about as good a start to an extended retailer-customer relationship a merchant can receive from a one-off marketing campaign. However, when I went back to order more (at the higher original price) the deal had changed and all that goodwill the tailor had invested in evaporated in moments.

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[Video] Does This Qualify As Porn?

Sure it might be military porn but porn is porn, right? Should it be relegated to the XXX domain? Should it be banned in India – like the XXX domain? What do you think?

Will 13yo boys be gazing over centerfolds of this beauty under the covers late at night? And telling their mates: Whoa! Just look at the decks on Queen Elizabeth. Will 13yo girls be squealing: The Prince of Wales has ever such a long ramp. It’s not right. Protect our youth. Ban this now!

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Think Your Job Is Bad? Try Cleaning A Cobra Pit

Is anyone else as freaked out by this as I am? Especially the bit where there are like five cobras threatening to strike. This guy is too busy cleaning to even notice them. Wow. This guy is a legend.

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[Video] Inception: The Making of the Zero-G Sequence

I found this absolutely fascinating.

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Post Under Video April 5, 2011

Rebecca Black’s Friday: Rebirth of a Legend!

Back when I was a kid it was quite common to hear the latest novelty song on the radio and to have them featured on the video hits programmes like Countdown. Local favourites like Shaddup Your Face, by Joe Dolce, and Bad Habits, by Billy Fields, mixed with international hits like Black Lace’s Agadoo ; McFerrin’s Don’t Worry, Be Happy and even the dreadful Birdie Song. They rarely had good lyrics, and the tunes – although catchy – were mostly annoying, but somehow they caught the public’s attention and became hits. Sadly, the novelty song seems to have fallen out of favour. Whether it is with producers, studios or the general public. That was until Rebecca Black came along and breathed new life into it.

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