Rebecca Black’s Friday: Rebirth of a Legend!

Back when I was a kid it was quite common to hear the latest novelty song on the radio and to have them featured on the video hits programmes like Countdown. Local favourites like Shaddup Your Face, by Joe Dolce, and Bad Habits, by Billy Fields, mixed with international hits like Black Lace’s Agadoo ; McFerrin’s Don’t Worry, Be Happy and even the dreadful Birdie Song. They rarely had good lyrics, and the tunes – although catchy – were mostly annoying, but somehow they caught the public’s attention and became hits. Sadly, the novelty song seems to have fallen out of favour. Whether it is with producers, studios or the general public. That was until Rebecca Black came along and breathed new life into it.

Just listen to it: the lyrics are atrocious, the tune is catchy, but annoying and the girl needs auto-tune to hold a note. This has novelty song written all over it. However, what’s especially interesting about Friday is the way it was made – and THE COST. Four thousand dollars and Rebecca’s parents not only got a spiffy recording that any loving parent would gush over, but they also got what I have to say is not a bad little music video. Not great, but I can tell you four thousand bucks is bargain basement prices for the video alone in most places. And now suddenly this thing has gone viral and charting across the world. Better now we’re getting covers. Just look at these two:

This haunting version by Matt Mulholland shows what a talented musician can do with not so talented songwriting.

Classic comedy by Stephen Colbert.

In one fell swoop Rebecca Black has revived the novelty song. She won’t be the last one to go this route and succeed. We’ll see other, probably more talented. artists try this. We owe Black a debt of gratitude. Even if it’s just because she poked a finger in the eye of the decrepit music industry without even realising what she was doing.

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