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Dunkin Donuts Conversation Killer

Online video is a great way to reach out and connect, especially in new and exciting ways. However you need to be aware that it’s just an introduction to have an extended conversation – whether through further videos, like we saw with the Old Spice campaign, or other traditional and social media. What is this tired old – and unfunny – approach from Dunkin’ Donuts attempting to say? It has EPIC FAIL written all over it.

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Post Under Marketing, Social Media, Video January 23, 2011

New iPhone Commercial

Cute. But is it effective?

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Post Under Marketing, Video January 23, 2011

It’s Dead, Jim!


With Jim Sink’s restructuring announcement that Blue Mars would wind down development for the PC platform and move to a mobile-based phone/tablet centic environment Avatar Reality have placed the final nail in the coffin of mass-community virtual worlds. So what went wrong?

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Post Under Social Media, virtual worlds January 16, 2011

Social Networking as a Cinematic Plot Device

This is a very clever commercial and a wonderful use of social networking to drive the [very basic] story along.What do you think of it?

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Post Under Marketing, Social Media, Video January 9, 2011

Timescapes: Rapture

TimeScapes: Rapture from Tom Lowe @ Timescapes on Vimeo. Awesome!

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Post Under art, Video January 1, 2011
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