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Barcamp is always an awesome experience simply because there is such a range of experience on hand – both in the form of presenters and participants. There is also a wide variety of topics covered from the extremely technical, like how to develop for a software language, to lifestyle skills, like how to draw. Barcamps happen fairly often in Singapore – the last one was in November – but that doesn’t prevent a huge turnout. Here is a liveblog of what is happening right now at Barcamp Singapore 5

The official start, although the presenters have been advised to show up by 9.45am to secure a slot. As the slots are allocated everyone checks out whats on and where. We are then ushered into the largest room for the official opening. Those who are new to Barcamp are provided with a quick primer on just what an unconference is.

After spending an hour or so meeting and greeting new and old friends I attend Guyi’s session on Freakonomics: Why Singaporeans suck at basketball. His theory is simple and compelling: too many basketball courts. They are everywhere here. In Punggol there is one every 300m and most of them are empty. By having so many courts it disseminates that players meaning that the good players are less likely to play against one another – thereby improving their skillbase.

Checked out Benjamin Scherrey’s session on setting up a successful tech startup. He had some important points such as using open source software and utilising open standards because they are less likely to become redundant. He also said to hire the best people you can afford – which sounds obvious but rarely seems to happen here in Singapore. A great developer is worth ten good developers. It. His most important message was to avoid taking government money because of the strings attached. He also recommended not letting VCs run your business because most of them have never run a successful business. All in all a great session. If you’re in Singapore he also recommended checking out HackspaceSG to network with other developers.

Discovered that my presentation will be on at 3pm in Room A. Come join in the fun.

After a delicious lunch, provided by Singapore Polytechnic, I checked out the Startups vs First-person Shooter presentation. The premise is that some of the lessons that you learn in first-person shooters (think Quake, Doom, Call of Duty, etc) can be applied to running a startup. I have to say I’m not entire sure I agree with the premise but it was an interesting concept. Just remember when running your startup to keep the pin and throw the grenade =).

My presentation on Effective Video Advertising on the Web. Slides will be available soon. Went off well. Lots of laughs plus everyone loved the doggies.

Let’s Fuck #GFW. Quite a crass title but a powerful message on how to evade China’s Great Firewall. As an Australian I’ve been taking notes. #nocleanfeed

Checked out the online travel presentation. Some interesting tips and some even more interesting experiences: certain accommodation places won’t allow Indians to stay. Racism is alive and well unfortunately.

Unfortunately that was all I could attend, so I missed HackerSpace SG after party as well as the very popular The Future of Porn panel. Thanks to Preetam, Ping and Chris for organising a stellar Barcamp.

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  2. Belinda Ang says:

    That sounds like a really fulfilling and vibrant event. Too bad I missed it… Saturday is always a bad day for me when I have to run errands for home. Looking forward to your slides. 😉