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How to Fix the Australian Film Industry

This is a great clip featuring George Miller talking about the forthcoming Mad Max 4. He also talks about the state of the Australian film industry which is in a pretty shocking state at the moment.

George is spot on about what the industry needs. What he doesn’t say, however, is where the money is going to come from.

The experiment of having a pool of government money that is assigned by bureaucrats has produced a plethora of features that even Australian audiences don’t want to watch. The government simply can’t afford to spend the money needed to kickstart the industry and keep it going. Only private capital can do that. Ultimately only a tax concession will rejuvenate Australian film like it did in the late 70s and early 80s when a 150% concession was on offer to investors. It’s not a coincidence that our most successful and most iconic films were created during this era.

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I is Famous

Blink and you’ll miss the tweet sent to me. BTW Microsoft, send me a copy of ultimate please. Just cos you’re nice like that =).

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Behaviour Guidelines for Employees Working in Virtual Worlds


Gartner recently advised that by 2013 seventy percent of businesses will have guidelines for their staff’s activities within virtual worlds. I’ve just completed a set of behaviour and dress guidelines for a company that has plans to work in Second Life. I’ve adapted them and thought I’d share:

Many of the guidelines that a company currently employs for social networking also apply in virtual worlds. If you need some help in establishing those then here are 40 examples that you can draw upon for inspiration. There are a few issues that are virtual world specific that require special attention, however.
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Augmented Reality Map and Star Charts

This sort of technology is not only awesome it’s based on Open Source software. Definitely full of WIN.

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