Are You Missing the Next Opportunity?


From a marketing perspective, what’s wrong with the scenario displayed in the photo above? I see these sort of ‘leased’ signs all the time and usually I don’t pay much attention to them. They’re just there, and as I’m not in the market for real estate they don’t interest me. However, this time I did notice this one for one very good reason and that made me realise that they can be a wasted opportunity.

I feel it is important to celebrate your successes. It helps to motivate you towards achieving the next goal. I even believe in advertising your successes. Everyone wants to be associated with a winner and so that can generate more leads and hopefully further successes. All things in moderation however. It’s easy to get carried away. Like a story I once heard about two guys who made a huge sale to a company in New Zealand. It was a big gig for them and they boasted outrageously on the flight home. Unfortunately an executive of the New Zealand company was seated a few rows behind, overheard their boasting and promptly called his office to cancel the deal. The story is most likely apocryphal but it’s still a valuable life lesson.

The sign in the window too could be considered to be a lesson in what not to do. The reason I even noticed it was because two business men were desperately attempting to work out what the phone number on the sign was. Unfortunately the number on both signs in the window were obscured by the enormous ‘Leased’ celebration. I think the two business men managed to work out the number but the real estate company didn’t exactly make it easy for them.

It’s usually not wise to make it difficult for potential customers to contact you. In many cases they’ll move their attention to your competitor. You need to consider this when announcing your successes or just marketing in general. If you’re going to tack something across your signs to denote a sale, then at least design it so that you can still real the contact details. After all what’s the point of telling everyone that you’re a success if nobody can reach you to hop onto your bandwagon?

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