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The Business of Disaster Relief


In the south-eastern corner of Australia we’ve just had a major bushfire disaster with 300 presumed dead and thousands of homes lost. The nation has been left stunned by the tragedy and there has been a quick response from the entire community, right across the country, to get relief to the victims. Many businesses have chipped in with donations of not only money, but also food and supplies as well. It’s all heartfelt and great to see. But let me play devil’s advocate for a moment. Let me ask the question that only idiots like myself ask. Let me question the unquestionable and rattle the pillars of heaven. Let me ask the question of where charity ends and marketing begins.

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Post Under Advice, Marketing February 12, 2009

Introducing MACi


Born at 18:07 AWDT.
Feb 9th, 2009.
Weight: 3.14kg.
Length: 49cm.

We call him MACi because that’s the initials of his first three names. Plus an ‘i’ tacked on for good measure.

Mum and MACi are doing great.

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Post Under Misc, skribe productions February 9, 2009

Say No To Twitter Spammers

A friend of mine from the Aussie Geek Podcast, Tim, has written some very wise words about some software that threatens the very essence and community of Twitter.

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Post Under Social Media February 8, 2009

Quick Bites: Fonterra and Avatar Reality


Despite recent speculation about Avatar-Reality‘s fate, it seems that the creators of the virtual world known as Blue Mars are still alive and kicking. Although their latest news release dates from August 2008, they’re expected to be attending Engage! Expo in New York and GDC in San Francisco both in March.

Fonterra have announced that they have received the National Training and Simulation Association’s Modeling and Simulation Cross-Function award. The award recognizes the significant achievements in modeling and simulation innovation by commercial companies.

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Post Under Gaming, virtual worlds February 7, 2009

CheckingOut… Google Latitude


Following in the footsteps of Nokia Friendview, Google has decided to delve into the world of location-based mobile social networking. Google Latitude is a free addon service to Google Maps Mobile that allows users to add friends and share current location and status updates with them. Of course this requires that the user have a GPS enabled mobile phone.

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Post Under CheckingOut, Social Media February 4, 2009
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