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Social Media Marketing Examples

Looking for some examples of social media marketing to help guide your own efforts? I found this great list of examples. And it’s a wiki so you can add your own.

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Post Under Marketing, Social Media January 8, 2009

No Corkage


I’ve been inspired by Bret Treasure’s post about Cafe Marketing with No Budget to have a look around my local cafes and eateries to see how they draw the crowds. I live amongst the cafe social set so there’s quite a choice. One of the things that struck me was that some of the places still had a corkage charge for BYO drinks. The question is why?

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Post Under Marketing January 7, 2009

Skribbin: Is Twitter the next Second Life?

Episode 2 of Skribbin. Is the hype about Twitter the same as the hype that surrounded Second Life?

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Post Under Social Media, Video, virtual worlds January 5, 2009

Where Am I?


Oscar Wilde once quipped, The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about. There is a similar sense in the marketing world, but one does have to wonder what the marketing agency was thinking when they commissioned this photo.

Are they trying to say that Carillon City is the sort of place that you’ll wake up in after getting blind drunk the night before? Or are they trying to imply that this is what you’d look like after you’d visited all 45 fashion destinations (in 7 days)? Neither message is very appealing and my first response was to burst out laughing. Is that worse than being ignored? What do you think?

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Post Under Marketing January 3, 2009

Microsoft to use Playstation Home

In a strange twist it seems that Microsoft is amongst a range of companies that plan to test Playstation Home for virtual business meetings. Other companies involved in the test include Ernst & Young and Merrill Lynch. I wonder how this test will affect Microsoft’s own virtual world project.

Further details.

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Post Under Business, virtual worlds January 1, 2009
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