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Her Morning Elegance

Here’s a very cool stop-motion music video directed by Oren Lavie, Yuval & Merav Nathan. Enjoy.

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Post Under art, Video January 30, 2009

The Problems with Delivering Real Goods from a Virtual World


I spent another great session at the VIO seminar in Second Life on Monday morning (my time). Xander Newman covered how to deal with real life businesses that are using Second Life for vCommerce. All great stuff and it, deservedly, drew an awesome crowd. However, at the usual after-seminar discussion someone mentioned that they wished they could buy pizza using Second Life. Buying real life goods from a virtual world is not a new thing. Both Dell and American Apparel tried it in Second Life back in 2006. By all accounts both were dismal failures. Likewise delivering pizza (or any other real life product) faces some monumental hurdles to make the experience both worthwhile for the retailer and a valuable alternative to the comsumer.

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Post Under Advice, Business, virtual worlds January 28, 2009

High Res Video from Low Res Video plus High Res Stills

Here’s a video from a project based at the University of Washington that demonstrates both spatial and temporal enhancement of videos through combining low-resolution video with high-resolution still photography. Not only can this technique produce high-resolution video it also allows slow-motion without overcranking. Awesome stuff.

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Post Under Video January 25, 2009

CheckingOut… Lenovo’s eLounge


Over the last few years business has shown a great interest in using virtual worlds for enterprise. Everything from seminars and conferences to virtual trade shows and retail. However, after an initial flurry of activity many soon abandon them. For some the required learning curve is too high to be an effective tool. For others the return on investment is not high enough. Whatever the reasons, no virtual environment seems to have really delivered what enterprise needs for its mass adoption. That may be about to change.

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For those wondering about the lack of activity over the last week or so it is because we’re madly preparing for a new addition to our community. He is due on Feb 3rd but could appear any day now so we’re hurrying up and waiting. As you always do with these things.

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Post Under Misc, skribe productions January 20, 2009
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