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Examples of Social Media Damage Control


So the marketing plan is to embrace social media albeit in a traditional lets scratch someone’s back and hope they scratch ours kind of way. The agency will contact a group of prominent bloggers within the regional market they’re targeting using social media outlets like twitter, facebook etc to narrow down their list and to harvest the contact details. Then they will send out emails offering said bloggers a gift package featuring The Product plus a few luxuries to help wash it down. Awesome social-media-cum-direct-marketing-cum-quid-pro-quo strategy! Lattes all round. Except there are one or two things that you have overlooked.

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Using Social Media for Damage Control

Putting out the fire

The Business section of the Sydney Morning Herald has an article on Twitter. It’s somewhat superficial, but at least it covers the emerging importance of social media to business. One thing it does mention is the trend of using social media not just for marketing but for damage control. I think we’ll see more and more of this over the coming months and years, as businesses attempt to better manage their public relations through social media.

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Post Under Business, Social Media December 4, 2008

Crediting Reuters

No credit here

While we’re on the topic of virtual worlds, Evan Reuters (nee Maloney) tells a sorry tale of poor customer service from Linden Lab.

Very sad and entirely lacking in professionalism. I wonder what Linden would do if the reverse happened. Probably call in the police.

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Post Under virtual worlds December 3, 2008

Twinity Review Delayed


I was planning to bring you a video review of Twinity but unfortunately a series of technical issues have resulted in us being able to do so. Hopefully the issues will sorted soon and we’ll be able to show you this cool new virtual world and social media platform.

UPDATE: The review is available here.

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Nokia N97 Announced

Nokia have just announced the release of their new flagship mobile phone model, the N97. It features a touchscreen, a QWERTY keyboard, 32G of onboard memory (plus a slot to add up to 16G more), as well as the host of features from the earlier N-series models (AGPS, Carl Zeiss optics, DVD quality video, etc). For all the features check out Nokia’s Press Release. It certainly looks like a great addition to the social media marketers toolset.
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