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Mac vs PC

Here’s a great little video playing upon the old battle of Mac vs PC. The technology and skill displayed in it are truly wonderful and cutting edge. What isn’t cutting edge is the acting. Still it is very enjoyable – if you can survive the excruciating first minute or so that is.

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Post Under Video December 25, 2008

Oops Marketing: How Far Would You Go?


It is easier to ask for forgiveness than for permission.

When does a PR disaster become a disaster? There’s a saying that any attention is good attention. Now, I’m sure some public relations people would disagree with that but the question has to be asked: just how far are you willing go to get attention for the brands?
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Post Under Marketing, Social Media December 23, 2008

PlayStation Home: A Quick Tour

A quick machinima tour of Sony’s new virtual world: Playstation Home. The setup looks very good and the graphics look awesome. Load times on the otherhand seem a little slow. Whether Home becomes a success or not will depend on Sony’s ability to deliver unique content and create an enjoyable experience for its users. Certainly, for Playstation 3 owners, it’s worth a look, especially as the download is free.

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Red v Blue – Thanksgiving 2008 Special

More fun machinima from Rooster Teeth. It’s amazing how good and prolific these guys are.

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So, what is Twitter?

This video is old (from March, 08) but it does an excellent job of describing what Twitter actually is and why it is so appealing. Twitter is kind of like reading between the lines and finding the real person. All in byte-sized 140 character pieces.

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Post Under Social Media, Video December 19, 2008
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