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Why Go Virtual

Some people ask me why anyone would want to ‘waste’ their time in Second Life (or other virtual world). Wolfie Rankin offers a great explanation about why going virtual is a very important part of some people’s lives.

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Post Under virtual worlds December 30, 2008

How to Make a Sculpted Prim

Here’s a great little video demonstrating how to make a sculpted prim using Tatara. Click through to see the high definition version.

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Post Under Video, virtual worlds December 30, 2008

Man vs. Second Life

Join former British marine Adam Steele as he demonstrates how to survive in the harsh regions of Second Life!

*Disclaimer: Adam does not receive any aid from his camera crew while filming on location. Only in the event of an extreme life or death situation will the production team intervene to give medical attention.*

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Post Under Video, virtual worlds December 29, 2008

Virtual Seasons Greetings

Here’s a machinima piece documenting some of the things people did to celebrate the Winter/Summer Solstice, Hannukah and Christmas in Second Life. The creativity of its users is probably Second Life’s best asset.

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Post Under art, Video, virtual worlds December 29, 2008

Checking Out: Twinity

Episode One of our new video blog: Skribbin. In this episode we review the virtual world: Twinity.

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Post Under CheckingOut, Video, virtual worlds December 26, 2008
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