Professional Vlogging 101

The hype surrounding the use of social media for marketing has brought about a swathe of vlogs on Youtube and the webspace in general. It’s cheap and it’s relatively easy as marketing tools go, but there are one or two things any CEO needs to be aware of.

  1. Learn to lie to the camera. You may be the best live presenter in the world but unless you can look down the barrel of the camera and say what you need to say – faultlessly – you’re toast. The film director George Stevens once said, Talk softly and think loud. He was talking about acting in films but the same could be applied to video presentations as well. The camera picks up every nuance and even a quick glance away can betray doubt, fear or untruths. Umms, ahhs and errs are right out. The easiest way to avoid them is by writing and memorising a script. Practise in the mirror until you’re word perfect. Then film it and watch how many times your eyes flick away as you try to remember. Watch how the pros do it, how they cover up the ‘thinking time’ and emulate them.
  2. Sounding Great. While it would be awesome if every CEO vlogger knew the basics about video (had an idea of composition, the rule of thirds, editing etc) probably the best thing you can do is make sure you have the best sound you can. Radio microphones are relatively cheap or even a carefully hidden cable mic can be used. Basically you want to get rid of that hollow echo you get when you use the on-camera mic. Remember even if you want to appear relaxed and comfortable you want to sound professional.
  3. Don’t make me squint. If your vlog involves some sort of visual presentation then make sure the audience can see what you’re talking about. Don’t do something like drawing on a white board as you make your speech points. Your content may be fantastic but if I can’t see it you’re wasting your time.

    At the very least mock up your presentation in Powerpoint or something similar and export it as a video and drop that into your vlog. If you want to get fancy, you can time it out and edit the videos so you can cut between the vlog and the presentation as you make each point.

Looking professional in a vlog isn’t hard. As with any pursuit, once you’ve taken the time to learn the basics, and hone your skills vlogging can be a powerful social media marketing tool.

About the Author: skribe

Based in Perth, Australia, Antonio Barimen (aka skribe) is a writer, digital media consultant and social media producer.

He is available to help you develop social marketing and digital media strategies, improving communication between staff, partners and suppliers or just increasing the number of fans on Facebook. He has developed successful digital and social media projects for clients including CBS, Evian, Procter & Gamble, Discovery Networks, Pernod Ricard and American Express.

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