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Social versus Traditional Media in a Crisis

Laurel Papworth, aka Silkcharm, has some interesting analysis and discussion about how social media and traditional media handled the developing crisis in Mumbai.

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Post Under Social Media November 27, 2008

Second Life Machinima Effects

Here’s a piece of Second Life machinima that is a commercial for some special effects (they call them High Altitude Environment Launchers). It’s amazing to see people constantly pushing the envelope, offering new treats that film-makers can use to make their Second Life machinima better and more spectacular.

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Post Under Video, virtual worlds November 26, 2008

Is this a Youtube Viral marketing campaign?

I hope so because it works on so many levels.

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Post Under Marketing, Video November 24, 2008

Entertainment not Advertisement


Today I attended the VIO business seminar in Second Life. The seminars are scheduled every Sunday at 11am SLT (US Pacific) and each has a speaker talking about a specific virtual-world business topic. Today’s speech was on machinima and AWM Mars and Ariella Languish gave very good presentations. One of the issues that was raised by an audience member was whether it was worthwhile for a purely in-world business to run a machinima advertisement. I’d like to discuss that amid a broader aspect of social media marketing.

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Post Under Business, Marketing, virtual worlds November 24, 2008

A Coat of Paint

Sprucing the place up a bit

We’ve done a bit of cleaning, added a coat of paint and generally spruced up the whole place. It’s still a work in progress (like most web sites) and we expect that it will take us a few more days to sort out the niggles.

Why not drop us a note and tell us what you think of the new look?

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Post Under Misc, skribe productions November 23, 2008
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