Checking Out… Tableau

Tableau is one of those little boutique shopping sims that make shopping away from strip mall sims such a joy. It’s beautiful, offbeat, fun, and its shops are just a joy to poke around in.

Designers and builders featured here range from artist Toast Bard, the eclectic Nylon Pinkney, freebies goldmine Forseti Svarog, builder Ingrid Ingersoll, and the operatic House of Lu.

And then there’s the sim itself.

Tableau is like some fabulous midnight psychedelic fantasy of New Orleans – a little bit blue bayou, a little bit decayed Victorian splendour, a little bit glow-in-the-dark funky.

There is a chill out park watched over by its patron saint, St Ingrid the Flatulent. There’s the neon graveyard with its neon tombs and fairy party lights. There’s the haunted house with the pirouetting furniture. There’s the crashed plane you can go have a private dip in. There’s the nightclub inside a giant crocodile on the hill.

In short, Tableau is a fine example of what good designers can achieve with a little imagination, vision, and humour. They have created a vivid little sim that not only showcases their builds, but creates a terrific thematic setting for their shops, and is also an enjoyable place to visit just for itself.

Come to Tableau for the shopping. Stay for the fluorescent nightlife.

About the Author: Nocifer

Nocifer (aka Cee Zedby) is a talented artist and video editor with a passion for social media. She has had her work featured nationally on Australian television and been an integral part of an award-winning television production house. She began blogging in 2001.

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