Checking Out… Liquid Heat

Did a spot of Foo navigation in Second Life (where I type random words into Search and teep to the first available hit I get, whatever it is), when I came across Liquid Heat.

Pirates! Castles! Bots!

Hmm, pirates, castles, and mystical elvish ruins. It’s not Tahiti as I know it, but you gotta go with your Foo.

So the builds are scaled somewhat on the big side, and there’s a tendency to vast empty rooms. Or little empty rooms. (I eventually found a scripted object in the inn that you could actually play with, but that was a case of the exception that proves the rule.)

And all the people I thought were there role-playing turned out to be just a bunch of bots.

HELLO... Hello... hello... lo...

At first glance, Liquid Heat seems pretty enough. Even if you’re not into pirates and elves. As the signs proclaim, there’s lots to do. Take a balloon tour of the island! (my balloon got stuck in a building, but never mind). Get romantic by the waterfall! (by myself? Pass). Take a ride in the Elvinator! (Just call it a lift, guys). Buy our stuff! (Ah-ha!)

Together, we will rule the galaxy.

Liquid Heat, you see, is a showcase sim. But, you say, what sim isn’t?

However, the purpose of this sim is to make money. Everything is either for sale as a ready made kit, or a demo of a custom build. Only problem is, there’s nothing here you haven’t already seen elsewhere and done better. As a showroom, it’s nothing outstanding. As a sim, it’s dull. There’s nothing to do, unless you enjoy pretending to make out with yourself, or watching bot actors run back and forth.

Activities, such as they are, are all passive. Sit here, admire that, look at this, look at that. Good sim building is as much about designing an experience as it is designing structures. If I wasn’t writing up this sim, I wouldn’t have returned.

But if you like pretty (and unimaginative) builds, then I have terrific news for you, because Liquid Heat has a 3-tier Affiliates program! From $L0 to $L10000, you can buy into the Liquid Heat Franchise and earn up to a whopping 50% commission from sales and demos of Liquid Heat products such as the Aztec Cave Kit or the Giant Tree Kit!

Imagine, a strip mall of identical Liquid Heat castles in the metaverse!

Quick! Get your Liquid Heat Starter Franchise Kit here!

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