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Commercial Opportunity

If you’ve ever wanted to work in the advertising industry or even just play around with video, then the new ABC web site for the tv show, The Gruen Transfer, gives you a great opportunity. You can create your own commercials for three Gruen product using either the online tools or by downloading the rushes. You can even upload your edit of the Gruen commercials to the website. Check it out here.

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Virtual Worlds -> Practice Worlds

“Virtual worlds can be valuable places where children rehearse what they will do in real life,” states this BBC article about its own Children’s BBC virtual world game Adventure Rock.

Yeeess… but it’s not just the kids, is it?
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The Italian Spiderman Method for Feature Film Production

Want to make a feature film? Have little or no money? Then you’re probably out of luck. Unless you’re Flinders University student, Dario Russo. Dario is the genius behind the parody, Italian Spiderman.

What was so genius about Dario’s concept wasn’t that he made a very cheesy little film – all shot in a day. Lots of film-makers do that. In fact some never move beyond that. No, what was the genius was that he only made the trailer which he then uploaded to YouTube in November, 2007.

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…and you were afraid to ask

I’m a bit late on this one but an interview with me has been posted on The Metaverse Journal. Enjoy.

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A Rose By Any Other Name Never Smells As Sweet

In a world of pseudo internet anonymity it is possible to register different names for the different sites that you use. So your gmail account can be joebloggs, your facebook JospehMBloggs and your myspace LordThumbleGlorydaBe. This is all great for those worried about tracking and monitoring from the government or other nefarious organisations, but it’s not really useful for those doing business.
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