How to make a winning commercial cheaply

One of the things marketers often forget is that old chestnut of showing and not telling. As consumers we have to see the evidence about why Product A is so good. We’re a cynical bunch, us consumers, but who can blame us? It is after all our hard-earned money that the marketers are trying to steal…to spend as we will. That’s why washing powder and cleaner ads are so formulaic. Who’s going to believe SuperBangWhizCleano is going to remove soap scum twice as fast as the other brands, unless we see a demonstration? Even if it’s just a simulation.

Video marketers sometimes spend millions on test groups just to determine the right script, or camera angle and directorial style. And then there is this:

It’s simple. It’s badly made. It goes on for way too long. But blimey it works. It works because it is aimed at a very specific market demographic and has a high cool factor. Second Life Residents look at that video and say, ‘Cool!” and think, ‘I want me one of those‘.

So, should you make all your own videos yourself? Should you throw away your market research and test surveys? Definitely not, but remember they’re only tools to help you make a decision. They are no guarantee of success, just as not using them is a guarantee of failure. Use what’s right for you and your business. Sometimes a product will just sell itself.

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