Checking Out… Laqroki (formerly Rac)

Laqroki for hair!

Rac had a nice looking sim before, but the new improved model is sleek and open and rezzes faster. And so shiny! You feel like you have arrived at the Grand Central of Skin and Hair City, and that’s no accident of design.

Laqroki is so new that you can almost smell the plastic wrapping, but even with the empty departments, there’s still such a lot to demo and try out.

I’m still deciding on a skin, but in the meantime, I’m very happy with Best Bargain Find of the Week: 10L hair (and it comes in 15 colours!)

Check out Laqroki now!

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Post Under CheckingOut, Marketing, virtual worlds April 27, 2008

2 Responses to “Checking Out… Laqroki (formerly Rac)”

  1. skribe says:

    Nice work. Are their skins as good as RAC’s?

  2. Nocifer says:

    Seems so. Unfortunately, the women’s skins are specifically designed with very well endowed ladies in mind, so they don’t quite work for petit moi 🙂