Checking Out… The Rezzable Gallery

I like exploring, and I like galleries, so when I discovered that there was an entire Rezzable sim that was one big gallery, I just had to check it out.


Well, the entry point is pretty. I do feel a bit like I’m inside an android’s guts. When I got bored with watching each individual ring in the tubes rez one after the other, I hit the handy teleport prompt and arrived at the gallery proper.

I’m not sure what I expected. With the Rezzable reputation for stunning builds, and after the visually dramatic entry point, the actual gallery itself is something of a letdown. It’s basically just a corridor that loops back onto itself, with copies of well-known objects for sale.

And since I was there to see, not shop, the place got dull rather quickly.


But the Dark Room was nice.

Beyond that, I didn’t find much else point to hanging around. Nothing to explore, no reward when you try.

I’m not just talking about freebies, but about the satisfaction and fun to be had when you stumble upon an easter egg. Greenies, and Carnival of Doom, to name two, are examples of great Rezzable sims because of their excellent build and design. There is a story in those sims, sometimes overt, sometimes implied, that encourages the visitor to poke around and find out more about what’s happening.

Not here. This isn’t so much a gallery as a showroom. The problem is, the Rezzable sims are already the best showrooms they have for their products. If they’re going to showcase their best builds in one place, then that’s exactly what they need to do: showcase them. Not just plonk them down in a row without context or even background (talk about the hows and whys maybe?). Help the visitor connect to the works on display.

At tour’s end I sat by the gorilla and dangled my legs in the water. He wasn’t for sale, though.

Check out the Rezzable Gallery for yourself here.

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2 Responses to “Checking Out… The Rezzable Gallery”

  1. rightasrain says:

    thanks for stopping by. Actually idea on gallery is to sell some of the popular pieces from the areas. Many are in different sizes than the originals out inworld. We didn’t want to turn the entertainment areas into showrooms, but we get some many requestst for things that we thought this was good way to go.

    we do have events at the Gallery periodically. We had a great one that showed the original starax wand last month.

    Maybe it is a good idea to make some more descriptions or at least some more photos from the sims.

    If you like you should also check out the .danone. show (at the sim between Doom and Crimson) as well as the dagger eye gallery, where we have the Medolious Source show now.

    We are also hosting a major build festival for next few months .

    cu on the grid!

  2. Nocifer says:

    I do think the idea of a gallery for collectors is a good one; however, I feel the Gallery itself could be a much more interesting place – a place worth visiting for itself.

    Perhaps a few hidden surprises or jokes for the inquisitive visitor?

    What might also be a good idea is to provide landmarks to the sims where the sculptures are from. I guess I’m imagining the gift shop in some huge airport terminal / museum / theme park 🙂

    The Gallery is also an ideal place to find out about the history or inspiration for some of the sims and the sculptures.

    Just my thoughts as a tourist 🙂 Thanks for responding, and yes, I will check out the .danone. show.