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How to make a winning commercial cheaply

One of the things marketers often forget is that old chestnut of showing and not telling. As consumers we have to see the evidence about why Product A is so good. We’re a cynical bunch, us consumers, but who can blame us? It is after all our hard-earned money that the marketers are trying to steal…to spend as we will. That’s why washing powder and cleaner ads are so formulaic. Who’s going to believe SuperBangWhizCleano is going to remove soap scum twice as fast as the other brands, unless we see a demonstration? Even if it’s just a simulation.
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Checking Out… Virtual Starry Night


A year ago, Robbie Dingo posted an extraordinary clip called “Watch the World(s)”, in which he recreated Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night as a 3-dimensional landscape in Second Life. Alas, nothing remains of that wonderful build but the video.

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Checking Out… Laqroki (formerly Rac)

Laqroki for hair!

Rac had a nice looking sim before, but the new improved model is sleek and open and rezzes faster. And so shiny! You feel like you have arrived at the Grand Central of Skin and Hair City, and that’s no accident of design.

Laqroki is so new that you can almost smell the plastic wrapping, but even with the empty departments, there’s still such a lot to demo and try out.

I’m still deciding on a skin, but in the meantime, I’m very happy with Best Bargain Find of the Week: 10L hair (and it comes in 15 colours!)

Check out Laqroki now!

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How to make a wedding video on a budget

As someone that has done way too many real life wedding videos it’s nice to see something a little different. In an attempt to document that very special day most wedding videos are long tedious affairs (2-3 hours is common) and are totally devoid of any artistic merit. As a result they are usually only watched once.

While this video was made in Second Life® it displays just how creative you can get with an expression of love. And by using stills intercut with interesting motion graphic titles it’s cheap too.

So, if you’re getting married avoid making a video document that you may never watch. Craft something lifelong and wonderful just like your married will be.

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Checking Out… The Rezzable Gallery

I like exploring, and I like galleries, so when I discovered that there was an entire Rezzable sim that was one big gallery, I just had to check it out.


Well, the entry point is pretty. I do feel a bit like I’m inside an android’s guts. When I got bored with watching each individual ring in the tubes rez one after the other, I hit the handy teleport prompt and arrived at the gallery proper.
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