It’s Easier Being Green


One of the things I love about film-making in Second Life is the ability to do easy green/blue screen work. The chore of lighting a scene perfectly is essentially removed thanks to Second Life’s ‘full bright’ setting for materials. By setting that, I know the green screen is evenly lit, no matter how I set up the lights. The lights simply have no effect upon the green screen whatsoever.

One of the ways we have used this feature is in the LoríH’ll commercial. The entire commercial was shot against a green screen. All the avatars. Products. Everything. Then we generated the curtains digitally and inserted them into the background – along with a slight radial blur. That way we managed to get the shadows on the actors and products while still having the background perfectly lit. In real life this would have taken hours to do, but all up it took us less than half-an-hour to shoot.

Above you can see a frame from the intro title sequence of an action drama we’re currently developing (a draft of the opening scene can be seen as Bang Bang). Once again, the title sequence was shot completely against a green screen, meaning that we can manipulate the various elements of the final video almost to our hearts content.

Filming in Second Life certainly has its problems, but it also has lots of advantages as well. Go ahead and give it a go.

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