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Surfing Greenies

We heard about a place from this old dude where the surfing was totally awesome. A place that was hard to get to, which few people knew about. So we packed up our boards and our camera and headed there in our beat-up old combie. This is what we found…

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The Skribe Report – 14th December, 2007

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Screen Testing

Screen test

We’ve been doing some screen testing for a new movie we’re developing. As you can see from the picture it’s a romantic comedy set deep in the South American Congo. It’s amazing how hard it is to find good full-sized anaconda’s in Second Life. But anyway, the film is tentatively scheduled for completion sometime in January – good thing I didn’t say which year.

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Post Under skribe productions December 10, 2007

Free Movie Music

Moby is offering some of his music to student and independent film-makers for free just as long as it’s not-for-profit. Even for commercial work you can apply for – what he calls – an easy licence with any money generated going to the humane society. While I haven’t tried to obtain a licence yet the music is absolutely awesome – as you can usually expect from Moby. Check it out at Moby Gratis.

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Post Under Audio November 11, 2007

A Matter of Trust

Recently we had a potential client come to us through an unusual source. While it’s nice to be able to expand our client base the source of it created a potential problem: trust.

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Post Under Advice, Business November 8, 2007
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